The Law Office of David A. Lerman has been representing clients in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 24 years.  

David A. Lerman has extensive experience representing clients in a variety of legal matters including:

Labor & Employment Law
Accident and Injury Law
Copyright & Trademark Law
Entertainment Law
Business Law
International Law
Federal False Claims Law

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​Legal issues can be complicated and sometimes it is important to get the advice of an experienced attorney to help you sort through the facts of your situation and determine the best course of action.   Often clients benefit from short-term counseling about their situation, their legal rights and strategies for achieving their goals.  

David A. Lerman can help clients identify their objectives and assist them with negotiations designed to obtain their objectives without litigation.  

If negotiations are not enough, David A. Lerman can also assist clients whose legal situations require legal action to try to achieve a fair and just result.​